The Lynde Family Plot

Lynde Plot

Nathaniel and Susanna Lynde are buried on this rise underneath a large tulip tree in view of their beloved Lynde Point across South Cove, also known as the Borough of Fenwick (photo above). All of Lynde's land, including Lynde Point and much of the land extending west to Cornfield Point was formerly owned by his father Simon Lynde, who bought the land from George Fenwick's sister Elizabeth Culick. She came in possession of the land when Colonel Fenwick left Saybrook for his return to England.

To the left of the two tablets is where young 4 1/2 month old Susanna is buried (circle). Susanna was Nathaniel and Susanna's first child; nine children followed after Susanna's death. Although burials no doubt preceeded that of young Susanna, hers is the oldest marker in Cypress. The tablet in the right foreground is that of Nathaniel and Susanna's oldest son, Judge Samuel Lynde, who was an attorney and Judge of Superior Court. The other markers surrounding Nathaniel and Susanna are also Lyndes. The numerous small stones are those of deceased Lynde granchildren.

Nathaniel and Susanna Lynde's Tablets

Nathaniel Lynde Tablet
Susanna Lynde Tablet

As has been memorialized on his tablet (above left), Nathaniel and Susanna donated the use of their home and land to the Saybrook Collegiate School - now Yale University - and became the school's first treasurer. Susanna pre-deceased him by 20 years at the age of 45 years (above right). Nathaniel died at the age of 70 years of age.