Scan of Old Burial Ground
Old Burial Ground

The "old burial ground" lying on the east half of the cemetery was the original cemetery said to be laid out by Saybrook Colony Engineer Lion Gardiner in 1635. Although there are no marked graves prior to 1635, legend has it that the early colony burials likely occurred underneath the area now occupied by College Street. A comparison of the 1838 and 1885 maps confirms that at one time, the "great highway" now known as College Street was located approximately 50 to 100 feet north of its present location, providing sufficient space for burials between the 1838 road location and the present northern boundary of Cypress.

Scan of 1904 Annex

The Cypress Cemetery Annex, established in the early 1900's, was developed out of necessity. The old burial ground had been all but full for years and the North Main Street and Riverside Cemeteries had been long established. A review of old maps and other documents suggest that the Annex occupies what was likely the orchards of George and Lady Fenwick - part of Fenwick's original 16 acre house lot. Old maps show the location of Fenwick's barn, also described in early deeds and records, in close proximity to Cypress' brick office building but in a location that would have fallen within the Annex boundaries.